We’ve got this!

Let me coalesce your online teams and assist you with your creative endeavors and business expansion.

I’ll help introduce and integrate your team members to your chosen project management system. Have you been tracking projects with unwieldy Google docs or spreadsheets? Let’s get your management into the Cloud.

  • Get your creative team on track to produce enterprise-class content such as web copy, collateral, e-books, articles, white papers, or a thought-leadership series.
  • Get your shop working with clear goals and objectives for 2018.
  • Get your people in the field sharing, coordinating, and succeeding together at higher levels despite the challenging industry environment.

At this time I am especially interested in supporting emerging and sustainable technologies, breakout applications in the life sciences, and new communication platforms.

Here are the links to my resumé and references. And here’s what I’m up to when I’m Away from My Desk.

I am at your side, available to manage your team – across time zones and independent from home addresses. Contact me today!

Gary@glkay.com       (541)840-9806