Away from My Desk

Long Shadow Fields is my Oregon-Tilth certified organic farm –  seeds, food, and flowers.

Long Shadow Fields is a 4-acre certified organic farm in Southern Oregon, nestled on a shelf of good ground between forested Siskiyou Mountain ridges. Situated at 2,000’ elevation, we fit into a sheltered USDA Zone 7. It is a challenging spot for a gardener, with winter rains saturating the clay followed by a fierce summer drought unbroken until late September at best. But it is also beautiful and rich beyond words.

The primary goal here is to produce specialty organic seed crops for sale to regional and national seed companies. I have open-pollinated variety breeding schemes in mind, and I plan to develop holiday-season products with everlastings and herbs. Obviously, this is a small-scale, private, poorly funded, quixotic, and wildly optimistic venture. I’m loving every minute.

 I am the author of The Island Gardens of Takau.

Defying the social restrictions of 1927, Katherine, a young American doctor, crosses the Ma’rhu River in the obscure tropical country of Takau. Determined to open a clinic in the slums of Am’rha Bo, Katherine wins hearts and defies authorities. She survives an earthquake and gets tangled in a violent revolution. Through the revelations of cultural immersion she finds her personal power but loses herself from giving to the point of no return.

The next novel is long overdue, but Takau is still available on a Kindle edition.