I am writing on behalf of Gary Kliewer, with whom I have the pleasure of working with for several years. As a project manager, Gary is responsible for assembling and supervising the team for each book, setting deadlines, and ensuring those deadlines are met. Gary organizes every project with ease and a positive attitude, giving the team the motivation needed for a successful project. I highly recommend Gary as a prospective employee, whether it is for audiobook production, general project management, or other. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the telephone number or email address above.
Michael Kitson, Senior Editor, BeeAudio Ltd.

Gary has been my Production Manager at BeeAudio, where I have narrated over 60 titles during the past 7 years. He created and led many of the teams on my projects with courtesy, humor and goodwill while maintaining the understanding and expectation that all deadlines and stringent production protocols would be met. Gary is very good at dealing with everyday conflicts and stresses that are so typical in this profession. There have been some dicey situations with some team members, and Gary always was quick to determine whether any project changes or interventions were appropriate. He also dealt quickly, courteously and clearly with any corrections or adjustments needed without creating any unnecessary drama. I believe Gary is an excellent supervisor, always personally appropriate and professionally courteous yet willing to step in and speak up when needed. I admit there have been stressful times when I would have been a bit lost without his support and skill in multi-tasking for us.
Liisa Ivary, (AEA, SAG/AFTRA) Audiobook Narrator, Audible/Amazon, BeeAudio, ACX, Blackstone

With Gary Kliewer as Production Manager, I have completed more than one hundred and fifty projects at Bee Audio. Gary has the uncanny ability to know exactly when and how to intervene to keep a project on schedule and feathers unruffled. With knowledge in all facets of audiobook productions and a consistent attention to detail in this challenging deadline-driven environment, Gary has been the go-to person for the narrator, proofer, editor and quality control editor, all the while nurturing professional and collegial communications. It has been a true pleasure working with Gary Kliewer the last few years and I highly recommend him for employment.
Joanne Sauter, Senior Proofer, BeeAudio Ltd., independent contractor

I am delighted to recommend Gary for freelance writing, editing, project management, and other freelance opportunities. I had the pleasure of working with Gary for three years while he served as publications editor at a public university. I supervised Gary in my role as director of publications. I had many opportunities to observe his meticulous attention to detail, technical savvy, and exceptional writing skills. Gary was extremely efficient, successfully balancing a highly demanding set of assignments and deadlines. If he encountered a technological challenge, he was not hesitant to dive in and learn whatever would be necessary to solve the problem. During Gary’s tenure, our office assumed greater responsibility for the university magazine. Gary handled his expanded responsibilities with enthusiasm and ease, rising to the demands by crafting excellently researched and highly engaging articles. He came up with original ideas and drafted copy with fluidity and speed. Because of his extensive science background, Gary served as our resident science writer. Both congenial and articulate, Gary established positive relationships with colleagues, clients, students, faculty, and community members. His approachable demeanor and sense of humor put constituents at ease, whether he was interviewing them for a story or encountering them in a more formal context. All of these skills served Gary well in his subsequent roles as owner/president of a small press and project coordinator at an audiobook company. Whatever the assignment, Gary consistently responds to challenges with creativity, optimism, and resourcefulness. Anyone fortunate enough to work with Gary will quickly recognize the value of his versatile knowledge base, stellar interpersonal skills, and alacrity.
Melissa Michaels, Michaels & Michaels Creative, LLC